Birthday Invitation!

G got invited to a birthday party!!  He’s been to two parties in the 4 years we’ve lived here and both were the kinds of parties where everyone in the class was invited.  This party is different, he was specifically invited by his best friend in class.  G is sooo excited!

It was a pretty stressful day for me, he came home yesterday and told us he was invited to his friend R’s birthday.  But G is not good at relaying information from his day at school so that was all he knew and there was no invitation in his backpack.  We didn’t know if he was really invited, or maybe he overheard R talking about his party and assumed he was invited.  These are the kinds of social minefields we navigate.  I knew if G had gotten it wrong, he would be crushed.  I started getting really nervous, trying to figure out how to approach the mom to ask for clarification without forcing G into the party.  But today at drop-off, R’s mom sought out DH and conveyed all the information.  G was right, he was invited to R’s birthday party!

This is wonderful on lots of levels.  First, G was able to remember important information and tell us about it hours after the fact.  That’s pretty amazing for G.  Second, G has a friend!  A friend that likes him enough to invite him to his birthday party!  This is a really big step for G.

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  1. I swear, if other moms knew how much these invitations meant to our kids, they would bend over backwards to invite them. That is HUGE! I’m so glad for all of it – his telling you, the invite, etc. It’s great!

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