Going Over the Edge

So this birthday party …  I’m more than a little anxious.  I took G to the toy store to buy R his present.  G, who is extremely excited about the party, already knew what he wanted to buy.  He and another classmate, Z, had been talking about nerf gun wars with R and decided they would both get R a nerf gun.  The problem is that our tiny town, the one with no chain store within 100 miles, did not have a nerf gun.  So G settled on a marshmallow shooter and we got R a giant bag of marshmallows to go with it.

The party is a street hockey party and kids were asked to wear jerseys and bring hockey sticks.  G could care less about professional/college sports and does not have any kind of jersey.  He also doesn’t have a hockey stick – he is afraid of skating so he’s never been interested in ice hockey.   While I got hung up on buying the perfect gift for R, the hockey details are what DH was most concerned with.  The guys went camping this weekend, planning to pack up when the sun rises monday so they make it home in time for the party, and on their way to meet our friends at the camp site, DH stopped at a S*ports A*uthority to buy G the street hockey equipment he needs.  This tells you that while the camping plans were over 100 miles away, DH has planned how to make it back so G doesn’t miss the party.

Clearly, we are over-amped about this frickin birthday party.  G has never, ever, ever been invited to a party purely on his own merits.  Past parties have been an invite-the-entire-class affair or the kids-of-my-girlfriends events.  I swear, we’re being realistic about how it might go and are prepared to take G home after 30 minutes if he gets too overwrought.  We’ve gone over the rules of street hockey so he knows (in theory) not to hit other kids with his new hockey stick.  We’re prepared to handle a situation where he melts down and goes on a rampage with said stick.  We’re very much relieved that the invitation specified that parents are welcomed but not required, so we can ride herd on G without it being an awkward thing. 

But anything we can do in advance to make sure he has the best experience possible, we’re doing.  We’ve made sure he’s equiped with hockey gear, the right present and social stories outlining situations he may encounter.  I’m a little nervous that he’ll go straight to the party after camping, but am reassured that he’ll have a lot of downtime in the car to nap or chill out with his video game on the way.  And I just can’t help myself – I feel like that if the party goes well, it is a stepping stone to G being invited to other parties, and if we can click with the other parents, the first step to playdates over the summer.

Tell me this gets easier.  I don’t think we can take this level of stress over the long-term.

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  1. Gahhh…it’s like getting into a sorority or something, isn’t it?? The things we have to worry about…who would think a birthday party could be so much work? Only another parent like us could understand.

    So here’s hoping that it’s all great, he loves it, has a fabulous time, manages well and goes home exhausted and happy. Good luck…sending good birthday party vibes your way…

    • You’re right – it’s like trying to crack into an exclusive club! Thanks for the good luck, we’ll see how it goes…

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