So… the birthday party.  It was a bit of a mixed bag.  DH and G were camping Saturday and Sunday and got up with the sun on Monday to return home in time for the party.  That part was very easy, as G always gets up with the sun.  However the day before, G got about 10 bug bites all over his head.  He woke up melting down from the aggravation.  He was upset enough that DH stopped at the closest pharmacy and dosed him with Benadryl to try to help control the itching.  G typically responds to Benadryl by spinning up for about three hours before crashing hard.  Which unfortunately meant he was crashing just in time for the party.

He had a bath and was getting dressed when he decided that he didn’t want to go to the party anymore.  I knew that was a temporary sentiment – he’d been talking about the party all week – so we made him go and told him we’d only stay 30 minutes if that was really what he wanted.  When we got there, he wanted nothing to do with hockey so he sat in a chair and watched the other kids.  He munched on some chips and drank lemonade but didn’t interact with anybody.  Even when the kids took a break from hockey for burgers, G wouldn’t talk with any of the boys or turn his chair to face the group.  Participating in the big group activities was always going to be a stretch for G, but he wasn’t even his typical quirky but charming self.  I was really hoping that other parents would see how fun G could be so they’d think of him whenever they were planning summer get-togethers, and I don’t feel like that goal was accomplished.

On the other hand, there were several parents attending and I was able to get to know new people.  The hosts were amazingly welcoming, the guests knew about G from their own kids and were wonderfully accepting.  Even with G acting very out of it, I was pretty relaxed.  Maybe even more relaxed than I would have been if I were watching him play hockey because I’d be keeping more of an eagle eye on the situation.  I feel as if I made inroads into the community and created some relationships with other adults.

So overall, it wasn’t the most successful event but it wasn’t the worst.  I think if we’d thought about coming home on Sunday instead of Monday, he may have been more rested.  But the Benadryl would still have been necessary and would still have done a number on his energy level.  He did have some great social experiences with the kids he was camping with.  I guess it comes down to a difference in perspective, and I have to remember that any good social experience is still good for G right now.

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  1. The good thing is that it wasn’t a catastrophe.

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