Summer Camp

The school year is coming toward its end which means we have 2.5 months of unstructured time ahead of us.  So we’ve done our best to schedule activities all summer long.  We have at least one week each month booked with our town’s summer camp.  This is the same camp we had problems with last year because the information we provided to the administration never filtered down to the camp counselors, making them unprepared for G.  However, G really wanted to participate again so we’re making another attempt.

This time, DH made an appointment with the new director prior to registration to discuss our past experience and concerns.  (We find we get taken more seriously when ‘The Dad’ handles these types of situations)  They appeared receptive but we were frankly still skeptical that the information would make it to the camp counselors and ambushing the counselors at drop-off on the first day is really unfair to them.

So I enlisted the help of our region’s BOCES (Board Of Cooperative Educational Services) and their autism team, who I just adore.  Turns out they had some grant money set aside for community education and support but hadn’t had an opportunity to use it!  They got in touch with the camp program and explained how they could help.  Now they have a G-specific training session scheduled with G’s counselors and another training session to teach the entire staff about autism in a more general way.  We’re ecstatic because we’re not as apprehensive about G to camp, and the autism team is happy because they’re getting an opportunity to showcase what they can do for the community.  I love my town.

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