Crib Speech

G has always been a very quiet child.  While he’s always had the ability to speak clearly, he’d had trouble expressing his needs and thoughts.  So when he is playing on his own, he was generally silent.  That is – until recently.  This year we’ve noticed he’s started talking to himself.  Then it increased to the point where I started to get a bit concerned.  So I googled, “Kids who talk to themselves,” and found this:

This form of private speech (also called “crib speech”) typically occurs between 18 and 24 months and serves two purposes: It helps kids practice language skills and allows them to reflect on daytime experiences. (It also entertains their parents, who eavesdrop via the baby monitor.)

I didn’t even know this developmental milestone existed, much less that he’d missed it!  But his ability to express himself has really improved this year right along pace with the increase in talking to himself.  Now I find it fascinating and love to eavesdrop. 

And the eavesdropping has proven useful.  The other day, he found a wiffle ball along the street.  I was listening to him chatter afterward and learned that he’d named the ball Wiffie and was talking to it as if it were a pet.  Later that same day, he asked me for some cheese so he could feed wiffie.  Because I’d overheard the creation of Wiffie, I calmly pulled out a slice of cheese and handed it over as if it were no big deal, so that I wouldn’t derail the game.  Inside, I was jumping for joy.  He was using his imagination!  This was a huge step!

It’s also another example of development on the autism spectrum.  It may not occur when the books say it should, but development and growth does happen!

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  1. Oh man, my son has always been a talker in his bed. Pre and post nap. He talks to himself all the time. The other day I heard, “yeah, we have to tell Mama that I pooped in my pants for GODS SAKE!” I don’t know where he got the gods sake part, but I wasn’t amused knowing that I was going to have to change crappy underwear.

  2. That’s great! He’s probably working on his language skills!

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