When Special Needs Collide

G started his second camp yesterday.  The counselors were well prepared for his arrival but were still in a minor tizzy at drop-off because over the weekend they realized a second camper with special needs would be in their group.  I was a bit annoyed because the other family didn’t do anything to prepare the camp.  (although it is possible they did but the director didn’t filter the info down, like what happened to us last year)  A camp staffer who happens to be a para during the school year was going over information regarding G with his counselors and happened to notice the other boys name on the roster. 

On my way home, I was stewing over the situation, grumbling about resources being spread too thin, surprising the staff, even muttering that this other family was taking advantage of all our hard work until I realized the source of my frustration.  I selfishly expected G to be the only special needs camper in his group.  Naturally, he’s the center of my world but I made the mistake of placing him at the center of the universe.  I read so many blogs about other families dealing with disabilities, but they’re out there not in our little world.  I compartmentalized instead of realizing we’re all connected.

It was quite a wake up call and I spent the rest of the day examining my own attitudes.  I was further kicked in my karmic ass at pick-up, when the staff reported that G had gotten aggressive with the other boy on a couple occasions throughout the day.  We had a quick conference about how we handle G when he hits.  DH discussed the situation with G when we got home, reminding G to use words to express frustration instead of hands.  He carefully explained the other boys brain works differently just like G’s brain works differently.  He coached G on being respectful of the other boys personal space bubble.    He discussed patience and tolerance for differences.

I sat quietly and paid close attention.

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