Nothing To See Here

Our house is on the market (we’re staying in our community but downsizing) and we had a showing late this afternoon so we had to get out of the house.   G knows we’re planning to sell the house but has completely rejected the idea so I sold the outing as an early dinner, dancing around the reason why.   (We’ll get serious with him eventually, but it could take quite some time to sell and making him deal with the reality of the situation for the next year seems pointless.)  The only place open at 4:30 was our local sports bar which happens to have G’s favorite calzones.  This made me even more nervous, because while I’m not a sports buff by any means, I’ve learned when it is football season.  Learned the hard way because the restaurant this time of year is filled with people who will suddenly shout and hoot.  Since we don’t actually watch football, these yelling episodes seem shockingly unpredictable and are extremely difficult for noise-sensitive G.  But G was pretty set on eating a calzone so we decided to risk it.

At first, it seemed like it was going to be fine.  There was only a small group of spectators and we were able to be seated in the balcony area, which shields G from crowds somewhat.  However, this small group had clearly been there all afternoon and made up for their small numbers in volume.  G handled it relatively well.  He was furious at the group but didn’t shriek or yell down to them or throw anything.  He did, however, threaten them extensively in a vicious undertone that kept me on the verge of laugher.  I managed to keep my giggles in and my expression bland, as laughing would have taken a precarious situation and flushed it down the toilet.

Clearly, we were in a difficult position.  I had told G we were having dinner.  We couldn’t go home and I couldn’t tell him why.  We couldn’t go to another restaurant because nothing else was open.  Time to pull out the bag of tricks.  I had him listen to music on his ipod to drown out the crowd noise.  He uses big cushy headphones instead of ear buds which we find helps cancel out more noise than music alone.  I also let him play his Nintendo DS all during dinner, which kept his attention focused even when something amazingly exciting was happening with the football.  I cut his food into tiny pieces the way I would have as a toddler, so it was easy for him to snag some food quickly and return to his game.  Since G was totally zoned out, I pulled my kindle out of my bag and read while I ate.

Then the dinner crowd started arriving.  With lots of judgy looks at the mother and son who would rather play with their gadgets than talk to each other.  At the mother who is actually letting her son is play one of those evil, mind-sucking video games at dinner.  I rolled my eyes and got back to my book.  (my vampire-fantasy book, I am nerdalicious)  Because G was calm, happy and eating instead of shrieking, kicking and throwing.  There was nothing to see here.

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  1. Congratulations on successfully dealing with a difficult situation. Even if no one else could see it.

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