Typical is Boring

I’m eavesdropping on G, who is in the other room playing school with three stuffed animals.  This is the first time he has ever played an imaginary game not directed by another child!!  Earlier, I wrote out the quiz he was going to give his class as he dictated it to me and was struck again by the uneven development that is such a part of autism.  Most kids start imaginary play sometime around 3, right?  So at 7, he’s a bit behind that curve.  But check out what he expects his class to know:

Question 1:  How many seasons are there in a year? 

Question 2:  How many letters are in the alphabet?  Answer:  11 – count the letters in , “the alphabet”

Question 3:  What is the chemical abbreviation for table salt?  Answer: NaCl

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  1. I am envious – while my special kid is only 3 still, I dream of the day I can play imaginary games with him. Well done. PS: I laughed myself silly at that third quiz question!

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