Sometimes, You Get Lucky…

G has been invited to another birthday party!  An enrichment classmate has a mother that has taken an interest in G – not in that patronizing, somewhat sadly sympathetic way – in a very supportive way.  Her boy is going to have a science themed party where she’ll be doing different science experiments and she thought G would really find it interesting.  I’ve become much more comfortable asking for what G needs these days, and when I asked if it would be ok for me to hang around at the party to make sure G was ok, she was extremely welcoming.  She said I could help be her lab assistant!

Everything was lining up perfectly until I informed G of the invitation and he declined with a firm, “no thank you.”  Remembering G’s birthday and his non-party and how respecting his wishes worked out for the best, I backed off of what I wanted for him and let the idea of the party go.  But I had him choose a gift for the boy anyway, teaching him of the etiquette of sending a gift even if he didn’t attend the party.  G chose a pretty cool lazer alarm type toy from a line of kids spy gear.  The birthday boy has two younger siblings so I think he’ll really dig it.

Sunday, G came down with pink eye.  We’re not quite at the point where he’s been on medication long enough to attend school, so we’ve been cooped up in the house for two days.  However his energy level is perfectly normal which means we’re all driving each other crazy.  Because of this, we decided to get in the car and go for a drive.  On our outing, we happened to drive through the birthday boy’s neighborhood, which is a bit out of the way so it’s not somewhere G has ever been before.  G connected the dots on his own and we listened to him process the information out loud, “K lives here.  K’s birthday party will be here on friday.  If I went to K’s party, I would be coming here.”  DH remembered the name of the street where K lives so he quickly made a turn and showed G the 4 or 5 houses that could be K’s. 

Suddenly, G seems much more open to the idea of going to this party.  It had never occurred to me to do a dry-run, although I don’t know why.  We prepare him for school by having him see his class before the first day, so showing him the location of a stressful social event only makes sense.  I think between the science theme, which G adores, the super-cool present he wants to give K and seeing the location before hand, he may just decide to attend and will have fun.  We won’t push it – I’ll wait for his cues and won’t ask if he wants to go until the morning of the party.  Who knew a case of pink eye could be a good thing?

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