Party Like A … Third Grader

Today was birthday party day.  We’d let discussion of the party slide since our pink-eye driving trip to K’s neighborhood.  At breakfast, I asked G if we were going to K’s party today.  He answered with a definite, “yup.”  So off we went!

The mother could not have been nicer and more welcoming.  I was the only parent attending with their child, but she did a great job of not making me feel weird at all.  The parents organized some science experiments, like shooting off a rocket with baking soda and vinegar and creating electrical circuits to light flashlight bulbs with a battery, that G thought were great.  In between experiments, the kids played war and G did a good job of playing along.  He was basically a soldier that did whatever his team leader told him to do, but he had a blast.  He got a little pushy a couple of times but the family had an outdoor trampoline so whenever he started getting edgy we went out for a jumping break.   Almost all the boys were really nice to him – there was one that was not, but since I was right there the whole time he quickly realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere and started avoiding G.  The boys thought the present G selected was the coolest thing ever.

The party was incredibly long, 10-3, because it was a teacher work day.  At 1, I decided we needed to head and was able to get G into the car.  On the ride home, he had a complete meltdown so I know I timed our departure perfectly.  He’s been very sensitive this afternoon but nothing more than we expected after such a sensory event.  I’m incredibly proud of how well G did and thrilled that he had such a great time.

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  1. YAY! Success! How wonderful!

    But seriously? Who has a party for 5 hours??? Yikes.

    So glad he had a good time. 🙂

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