Le Sigh…

My sister called today to tell me about the playdate she arranged with my niece, her preschool friend and another three year old classmate who has Down Syndrome.  She told me about how the mother was super excited and how the dad called midway through the morning to find out how everything was going.  She said it in a slightly condescending way so I explained that the playdate was probably a huge event for their family and having been in their shoes, I was sure they were feeling both overjoyed and extremely anxious.  The kids had a great time and all got along fabulously so they arranged to get together again next week.  It was wonderful, and I was feeling so great that my family was really starting to get what parents raising kids with disabilities go through and worry about.

We continued to chat about random things.  But then she asked me what an IEP was, that the mom had mentioned it during the playdate but she didn’t understand what it was.  G has had an IEP for 3 years and I know I talked about it when we were first going through the process and have since talked about our yearly meetings.  This is just another example of how my sister doesn’t really listen to me, our communication is often a one-way street.  Nevertheless, I explained about Individual Education Plans, the services they provide and discussed some of the accommodations in G’s that help him learn.

My sister thought the IEP was really cool and wondered if anyone could apply for one.  When she said that, I was literally boggled!  But I kept it together and explained that no, not everyone could get an IEP.  Only students with a disability severe enough to impact the child’s ability to learn in a traditional classroom setting.  Her response was, ” bummer, because it sounds like it would be something really great to have.”

Yes, we’re just so lucky.

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  1. I hear ya!

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