When Bad Moments Are Awesome

The other morning, G woke up in a bad mood.  He was very disagreeable and argued with everything I asked him to do.  I got him started on the morning routine and then left the room to let the dogs out.  When I walked back into the kitchen I found G had put aside his healthy breakfast and was instead eating junk food out of the snack cabinet.  I firmly scolded him – and it all went to hell.

He cried, he yelled, he refused to brush his teeth until I threatened to take away his video games for the day.  He refused to get dressed until I threatened him again.  His yelling escalated, he demanded to stay in bed all day, he sat by the door and refused to put on his shoes.  And then – he threw up.

It was at this point that I realized I needed to switch gears.  So I called his bluff and after getting him cleaned up I told him to go back upstairs to his room and get in bed.  I explained that the only choices were to stay in bed or to go to school.  He happily jumped into bed and I called the school to tell them what was going on and that I expected we’d be about two hours late.

Thirty minutes later, G came out all happy and perky and ready to head to school.  We did a parent switch to keep things fresh so DH collected G’s gear and took him to school, where he went on to have a great and cooperative day.

I felt like I’d been run over by a bus at the end of all this.  But with a little time I realized how great this situation really was.  G’s meltdowns used to be violent.  Hitting, kicking, headbutting, throwing heavy objects, banging his head on the floor – all this was typical for G and we’d have to work quickly to get him isolated in his room (his safe space) until he could calm himself.  This time, G argued, yelled, refused to comply and worked himself into such a frenzy that he vomited.  Because he was so verbal, I failed to recognize the autistic meltdown for what it was which is why it escalated so badly.  But at no point did he attempt to hurt me or himself.

I’m incredibly excited!  This is huge!  He’s slowly been gaining more control over his emotions and was becoming better at expressing himself verbally and I didn’t even notice.  Now I’m grateful for the meltdown because it made me wake up and see how well G is doing.

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  1. I wish GL would throw up instead of hitting people, screaming for hours on end, pounding walls, slamming doors, attempting to break windows, and his latest, tearing pictures off the wall and intentionally destroying them.

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