Looking Back

Today was the elementary school holiday concert.  DH and I sat in the back row, almost on the end so that we could inconspicuously dash out if G had trouble and needed us.  We’d already covered what he was going to do and when so he could be prepared.  Now all we had to do was wait and watch.

The first group up to sing were the kindergarteners where there is a little boy on the spectrum who reminds me so much of G, it’s like looking at an old family video of your kids.  The boy was placed on the end of a row of risers so he had room to move around the way he needed and  he covered his ears during the applause but generally did very well.  When his group sat down, I looked over and saw his mother sitting right there with him.  She had clearly volunteered to help out so she could keep an eye on her son and did a great job keeping the other kids sitting around her in line – telling this one to knock it off, passing that one a tissue, reminding another to stay quiet, all the while keeping one hand on her son to keep him regulated.

Even last year, that was me.  I always volunteered for field trips so I could act as G’s aide.  I always kept the kids in his group in line, not relaxing like other chaperones, because I knew if one broke a rule then G would get upset and try to correct it himself.  He was usually placed at the end of a row in group settings so he’d have more space to move around without knocking into other children.

Then the third graders took the stage.  And I watched G take his place – in the middle of a row.  He swayed back and forth but didn’t move around nearly as much as he had in the past.  The two kids standing on either side of him are particularly compassionate kids when it comes to G.  One of them spotted us and helped point us out to G.  Then the music started and he was fantastic!  Singing all the words, doing the hand gestures and little dances to each song.  He didn’t cover his ears once and didn’t get frustrated when there were delays.  And I sat in the back of the auditorium with all the other parents.  I didn’t need to sit with him to monitor his behavior.  Although I was a little nervous and had some contingency plans, none of them were necessary. 

Seeing the little boy in kindergarten really put things in perspective for me.  It made me realize how much progress G has made and how hard he’s worked.  I have so much to be grateful for this holiday season.

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  1. Hooray for G!

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