I Think We’re Gonna Make It

I hate the winter break from school.  It starts one full week before Christmas, which is way too long for a boy that can’t handle changes in routine, or the suspense of christmas gifts.  By the end of the first day he was telling us what we were getting for christmas so that we would return the favor and tell him because he couldn’t handle it.  All this caused his behavior to deteriorate.  He argued endlessly about everything.  I’m not kidding – literally everything.  Here’s one of our conversations:

Me:  G, go brush your teeth.

G:  I can’t brush my teeth!  You won’t let me!

Me:  That’s ridiculous, I’m telling you right now to brush your teeth.  I’m not preventing you from brushing your teeth.

G:  Yes you are!  You never let me!  You never let me do anything!  You’re the meanest person in the world!

After a couple days of this, I started sending him to his room for 20 minutes each time he argued excessively or called me names.  It helped him, because being alone has always worked to help calm G, but it also gave me a break.  And right until christmas day, I got a lot of breaks!

Once christmas came and went, things started getting better.  There was none of the anxiety inducing uncertainty of what was in that box under the tree to deal with.  And he had tons of new video games and board games to play so we’ve been having more family fun.

 Tomorrow night, we have a babysitter coming!  DH and I are actually going to try to celebrate New Years Eve.  I bet we’ll be counting down to midnight, not to celebrate the new year but so we can go home and go to bed without feeling completely lame.

After that, there will only be 2 more days until he returns to school.  I can easily survive two more days, it’s just a weekend.  Just a few more days and we’ll be back to our boring, comfortable, glorious routine.

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  1. Phew! It’s not just us! That conversation could have happened in our house. It’s so difficult and we handle it the same way by sending him to his room and his ‘calming corner’. When we do that, though, it’s when this conversation starts:

    Me: Andrew, I don’t like your behaviour, go to your calming corner and you can come out when you feel better

    Andrew: FOREVER???

    Me: Did I say forever?

    Andrew: YES! You don’t like me anymore! (stomp, stomp, stomp, up the stairs)

  2. Oh, does that sound like GL! When he takes a bath, he always splashes an excessive amount of water on the floor. (I caught him several times sliding up and down the length of the tub, trying to see how big a wave he could make. Now we have a rule: No tsunamis in the bathtub.) But every time I remind him not to splash so much, he starts whining, “Are you saying I can never take a bath, ever, ever again?”

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