Can I Just Get a Minute, Please?

The holiday break is probably the hardest time of year for us.  There simply isn’t enough time to establish a comfortable routine for G but also too much time away from the normal school/weekend routine.  So while we made it though, it was difficult.  I’d just started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and had just written my post on making it, when a brochure for summer camp arrived with their 2011 schedule of activities.  G excitedly started looking it over, weighing the pros and cons of each camp.

I felt a wave of exhaustion and depression crash over me.  Thinking of all the work and energy we put into making the camp understand G and his needs, only to fail and have to scramble to come up with an alternative plan at the last minute – it was too much.  I was barely making it through the holiday break with grace, I didn’t have it in me to think about summer break.

G is back in school today and I took advantage of the opportunity to go out and get a little exercise.  It has really shifted my outlook.  I feel better physically so I automatically feel better mentally.  I’ve also had a little time to deal with the idea of summer camp and what I’ve realized is that I can take more time.  Nothing has to be decided today or even tomorrow.  I owe it to myself to take some personal time while G is in school this week to recharge. 

I went through something very similar to this in August.  We’d just gotten through summer camp when it was time to prepare for the school year.  I was overwhelmed and frazzled, but I took a day to think through it and it all worked out in the end.  I’m working to teach G to take a break when he feels overwhelmed instead of lashing out – I could use to learn that lesson myself.  I need to work on taking time for myself and putting some of this aside until I’m in the right mental place to deal with it.  Essentially, I need to learn to be patient with myself, to honor my own needs and to pace myself. 

Hopefully, I’ll finally recognize this without freaking out when it comes time to transition from camp to school next year.

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  1. I hear you! I feel the same! I agree taking a minute for myself is often difficult to do but a must! Just going grocery shopping by myself was relaxing and I don’t like grocery shopping, but it felt comforting to buy my boys healthy and some yummy food. I have find the peace where it is.

    Off to prepare for meeting with Superintendent tomorrow. I am tired off (10 years) always having a battle with the admin to get R what he needs. The admin needs an attitude adjustment and treat his needs with respect. Wish me luck!

    • Find the peace where it is – exactly! Good luck with your meeting tomorrow. I hope it goes very well!

  2. Wise words. I need to remember to take the time to hear the quiet voice of sanity. And physical exercise clears the mental cobwebs and often provides time for reflection, too.

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