IPads for Asperger’s

We’re looking to get G an Ipad because it was recommended by our school’s autism consultant.  The theory being that if we can get him comfortable with using it now, it will make typing notes and organizing his work in the future much easier.  We had friends in town with an ipad and he absolutely loved it – for playing games.  I got him to type some quick messages but he wasn’t motivated.  He desperately wants an ipad though, so I got him to understand we wouldn’t be purchasing one unless it was used primarily for school.  (that almost broke my husband’s heart, he wants one as badly as G)

Before making such a major purchase, I started looking into apps that would be appropriate for G and quickly became overwhelmed.  I’m looking for some that will help him organize himself, type work at school and practice math facts.  He doesn’t need it for facilitating communication, although perhaps an app to help him identify or practice expressing emotions would be nice.  An app for his daily schedule would be great.  He seems to be in that middle area where some apps are too sophisticated and others not sophisticated enough. 

Then I wonder about keyboard accessories and protective cases and realize this ‘simple’ idea is becoming more complex by the minute.  Anyone been through this and have any advice?  My husband is ready to pull the trigger as soon as the ipad2 announcement, hoping that means the original ipad prices drop.

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