My Summer So Far

I’ve been totally slammed and feel like I’ve barely been keeping my head above water. Anything non-essential has slipped away from me. Here’s what we’ve been up to, if there’s anything you want more detail on, let me know and I’ll try to carve out enough time for a full post.

– End of year IEP. G is transitioning to the intermediate school (4-6 grade) so we asked the principal of that school to attend our meeting. Due to budget cuts they were considering going from 4 teachers in G’s grade to 3. We requested a full time aide for G in that scenario. Which we did not get, but we did get two hours of floating aide time each day to help during whatever times were hardest for G. We also got input into teacher selection, so DH and I spent an hour in two classrooms observing. We picked the most experienced teacher of the two because of her very structured and quiet teaching style.

– I substitute taught a handful of times at the end of the year. Twice as the para for a more severely affected autistic child than G. It was an enlightening experience. A lot of the skills I’ve developed raising G transferred over but I also learned a lot about what I don’t know.

– At the end of the year, the intermediate school principal felt confident that the board would approve hiring on an additional teacher for G’s grade. I was asked to sit in on the interview committee. The next day, the board did approve the position. Now G has a small class size *and* floating aide hours. Score!!

– DH and I spent a week in Vegas while G spent a week on vacation with my mother. Heaven.

– G started his first week of summer camp. This year, the camp is working with the National Inclusion Project to better include kids with disabilities. G had an aide from the adaptive sports program accompany him the whole week, paid for by the inclusion grant. The aide even accompanied him on the overnight camp out. It was a horse riding camp and G learned that he loves horses.

– We had one week with no activities scheduled. We quickly spiraled into endless arguing and meltdowns. We created a new token board system with three tokens per electronic device. G can lose tokens as warnings, and when a category is empty, he’s lost that particular device and has to earn all three tokens back with kind and cooperative behavior.

– Started swimming lessons, which have been rocky but overall are going well.

– I’ve started a hiking regimen where I get out at least three times a week by myself. Without a little self-care, I was going to lose it.

– I went to dinner with a girlfriend and tried to explain all of these events and how I felt about them. She asked if I’d ever considered talking to a professional. I’m sure it’s a valid suggestion, but I left feeling whiny and crazy.

So how are you surviving your summers?

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