I’m a 30-something mom and wife parenting a fabulous 6 year old.  I started this blog when G’s preschool suggested he be evaluated by professionals because ‘something’ was different than other kids.  After more than a year of confusing and conflicting opinions by professionals, friends and family we have an ASD diagnosis with a ‘probably Aspergers’ addendum.  This is my place to sort through my feelings so I can make clearheaded decisions, celebrate the successes that most people don’t appreciate, vent the negativity so it doesn’t pollute my parenting and find connections with other parents walking similar paths.

ETA – I wrote an extensive description of G’s challenges and quirks that may help you understand him.  For more info about G, go here.

Published on November 11, 2007 at 7:36 pm  Comments (3)  

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    • It is the 2nd of October and we have had a a very difficult September and October is not starting out much better. My 14 yr old son has Autism. He started at the local high school this year, along with beginning in home support that everyone told me we “had to have”. My boy has has started to have “raging anger”. This is not something that my boy has displayed before. We have always taken him everywhere with us. We even took him to Ireland two years ago and he was fine. He has started new medication-tenex. It is a high blood pressure med I haven’t seen it help yet. What has help is turning my view Autism over to the 12 steps of Al-anon:
      I am powerless over my son’s autism and our lives are out of control
      I am coming to believe in a power greater than myself will restore us to sanity.
      I have made a decision to turn my will and life over to a power greater than myself God as I understand him.
      As our crisis grew I thought to myself can I change the “a” word from alcohol to autism. I thought maybe I was crazy, but your blog helped me feel like it does match. I can’t control my son. I can help him, advocate for him, but I can make him be someone other than who he is. A great kid who happens to have Autism. 🙂
      I can no longer muscle and will my way into my son’s life. I need to love him and realize my higher power will guide my husband and I to make decisions that will benefit our boy. Thanks for your story

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