Shameless Spouse-Promotion

Hubs developed a scheduling/executive functioning iphone app for our son and has decided to make it free for the next month! It’s called “Now What” and it automates what we’ve done manually with spreadsheets for G every day.

We found that G is much less anxious when he knows what is going to happen in advance, particularly at school. In previous years, we would ask his teacher for her daily schedule and would print up a checklist for him to refer to throughout her day. As we realized how effective it was, we included notification of schedule changes in his IEP. As the teachers realized how effective the schedule was (by learning the hard way and experiencing anxiety-induced meltdowns) they were more than happy to email us any changes so we could change the schedule and have G look it over on the drive to school.

This meant that 10-15 minutes of the morning were dedicated to checking for changes and printing out the daily schedule. I’m sure you all know that 10 minutes in exchange for a peaceful day is no sacrifice, but my techy husband wanted to make it even easier. So he came up with the idea for his “Now What” app.

It has the ability to create templates so if the day is a basic Tuesday with no changes, you just load Tuesday and it’s ready to go. You can make changes to Tuesday with out saving them for days when there’s an assembly or a fire drill. It also has the ability to prompt action for events. G has to tap the event, but then a pop up with the steps we’ve loaded will come up. So tapping ‘Math’ will remind him to turn in his homework, take out his pencil and proper folder, whatever we need him to remember.

It also contains a password locking feature. G is type of person where if he doesn’t want to do something, he’ll remove it from the schedule and that will make it O.K. in his mind. The password is our attempt to head that off before it becomes an issue. But the lock is nice for adults who want to make sure nobody messes with their schedule.

This app is currently available for the iphone, but he’s working to have the ipad version ready in time for G’s return to school. I’d also like him to add an alarm feature to chime at the beginning of each event, reminding G to tap and check for the prompts we’ve loaded. If you check it out and have any features you think would be useful, let me know and I’ll pass them on!

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